Omnimed's team BBQ to commemorate D-Day's 80th Anniversary

Omnimed's team BBQ to commemorate D-Day's 80th Anniversary


On 6th June 1944 the D-Day landings, the largest seaborne invasion in history took place, together with the associated airborne operations. These operations marked the beginning of the liberation of France and western Europe, with heroism and sacrifice creating a turning point towards victory for the allied forces less than a year later.

Thursday 6th June was the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings and to commemorate this important part of history, Omnimed held a team BBQ.

Managing Director, Michael Morris said "We're acutely aware of just how much our armed forces do for us even during peacetime, playing pivotal roles in healthcare operations such as the COVID testing and vaccination programmes as well as providing much needed healthcare services to British nationals and others abroad." 

Michael added, "The D-Day landings were the start of the liberation of western Europe which allowed us to enjoy the freedoms we have today - freedoms which we must never take for granted. As Omnimed are strong supporters of our armed forces, we wanted to celebrate their efforts and take the opportunity to show gratitude and support for our armed forces personnel, veterans and their families."  

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