The first thing you need to place an order is the product code - you can find the product code by viewing our products. Each order also needs to contain the following details:

  • An official purchase order number
  • Delivery address
  • Invoice address (if different)
  • Full contact details

All purchase orders must be emailed to sales@omnimed.co.uk.

With Omnimed, you have the benefit of choosing whether you’d like to order direct or using any of the national frameworks agreements awarded to us.

Order direct

Ordering directly from Omnimed allows us to provide you with individually tailored quotations and services to meet your budget, timescales and other needs within your team and hospital, giving your patients exactly what they need, when they need it. Contact us today and experience the benefits of the tailored fit available from ordering direct.

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Order using national framework agreements

We accept orders from the following national frameworks:

  • NHS Supply Chain (England)
  • HSC Business Services Organisation (Northern Ireland)
  • NHSS National Procurement (Scotland)
  • GIG Cymru/NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership (Wales)

National Frameworks

Peppol GLN: 5060439670002