Omnimed team at their Excel training session

Training that helps staff excel

Following attendance at a training course at their head office in Guildford, Managing Director, Michael Morris was so impressed with Acuity Training that he wanted the Omnimed team to benefit from their expertise.  This led to Michael booking Excel training for the Logistics, Accounting and Sales teams which was held on site and delivered by Acuity Training's Lucinda Thomas.

Michael said "The overall feedback is that the team have been really 'wowed' by how much they have learned and the consensus is that these new skills will make their work and various business processes so much easier now.  I'm thrilled how engaged everyone has been with this initiative and am pleased to advise that we have a further training session booked for PowerPoint to enhance our skills in presenting and manipulating data from Excel into a standardised presentation format for use both internally and externally moving forward."

Supply Chain Assistant, Hope James said "The most useful thing I've learned about is formulas and linking sheets together; this will have a big impact on automating frequent tasks, allowing us to work more efficiently and freeing up time to focus more on customers." Supply Chain Analyst, Lisa Hatt added "I've learned so many shortcuts and so much about presenting accounting info using graphs which will really help with presenting data to the wider business."

Most importantly, the training will allow Omnimed to place even greater focus on our customers.  National Sales Assistant, Kelly Peart found the training particularly useful, Kelly said "Learning more about formulas and automation of data led tasks means I will have more time to look more in depth into client needs and respond to the changing market."

National Sales Co-Ordinator, Calum Holliday added "Being able to really leverage formulas and use Excel to rapidly achieve the best results both accelerates data processing and gives us greater control over data analysis, which is essential in understanding and anticipating our customer's needs. Lucinda was a brilliant trainer who made everything so easy to understand and I look forward to the team creating powerful results from the knowledge we have collectively gained."  

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