Save 10% on your first order of connectors

Save 10% on your first order of connectors

Connectors…bringing it all together.

Omnimed's top-quality irrigation and air supply tubing connectors are compatible with Fujifilm®, Olympus® and Pentax® endoscopes.

Our connectors are designed to prevent contaminated water from entering the endoscope channel and back-flowing, ensuring the safety of your patients.

With a variety of sterile options available, our connectors are the perfect choice for hospitals and clinics that prioritise infection control. Trust us to provide you with the best irrigation and air supply tubing connectors, and keep your patients protected from harm.

Order now direct or via your relevant national framework agreement. Alternatively, call us on 01962 626364 or email NHSSC commitment breaks available.

To discuss how we can get you the best deal on Connectors and many other products, you can book a call with our sales team at a day and time convenient for you.

Quote this code to get 10% off your first order CN10-0823-N

Connectors – isn’t it great when everything just fits?

Offer ends 31-08-2023. T&Cs apply.

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