Omnimed ready to help ease waiting lists with TNE products

Omnimed ready to help ease waiting lists with TNE products

Transnasal Endoscopy (TNE) is gaining momentum on overburdened Endoscopy Units across the UK as a way to relief pressures on therapeutic waiting lists. TNE is a great tool to reduce waiting lists and enhance the patient experience for the following reasons:

• Can be performed outside the Endoscopy Room
• Decreased time in Scoping (10 - 15 minutes per TNE procedure)
• Does not interfere with patient's breathing
• No Sedation or General Anaesthetic as the gagging reflex is minimised by going through the nose
• No inpatient stay is necessary
• Biopsies can be performed through the scope
• Pictures taken through the scope and results discussed with patient before they leave 
• Patient can go home after the procedure as a faster recovery and no escort to take the patient home is required

Michael Morris, Managing Director said “TNE is a fantastic opportunity for us to ensure patients get the care they need as quickly and efficiently as possible. This however does however require investing in a new scope which is thinner and shorter than a standard Gastroscope, such as the Olympus GIF-H190N Ultra Slim Design.”

Michael added, “Omnimed are delighted to offer a range of instruments that can be used in TNE procedures, such as our Biopsy Forceps WS-1816BT, Injection Needles WS-1816PN2304, WS-1816PN2305 and WS-1816PN2306 and our Cleaning Brush WS-1823WA(P). Get in touch today to see how Omnimed can get you equipped for Transnasal Endoscopy and tackling those waiting lists!”

Order now direct or via your relevant national framework agreement. Alternatively, call us on 01962 626364 or email NHSSC commitment breaks available.

To discuss how we can get you the best deal on all TNE products, you can book a call with our sales team at a day and time convenient for you.
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