Happy St George's Day

Happy St George's Day

England - You gave us the man who discovered vaccines. Now let us give something back!

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Celebrating English Medical Pioneers

Sir Joseph Lister

Born in London in 1827, the “Father of Modern Surgery" discovered carbolic spray to be effective in stopping gangrene. He started by spraying medical instruments, catgut and bandages with a solution of carbolic acid, reducing his patients' death rate from 46 to 15 percent in just three years.

Dame Louisa Aldrich-Blake

Born in Chingford, Essex in 1865, Aldrich-Blake was Britain’s first female surgeon and one of the first to perform surgery on cervical and rectal cancer. She pioneered new surgical methods to treat those cancers. Her work is marked by her statue in Tavistock Square, London.

Elisabeth Garrett Anderson

Born in Whitechapel, London in 1836, Garrett Anderson was the first English woman to qualify as a physician and surgeon. No hospital at the time would accept a female doctor, so Garrett Anderson co-founded the first hospital run by women, for women.

Edward Jenner

Born in Berkeley, Gloucestershire in 1749, Jenner invented the first ever vaccine. Jenner discovered that exposure to cowpox pustules provided humans with immunity from the much more deadly smallpox. This led Jenner to develop the smallpox vaccine in 1796. As a result of his work, smallpox was declared eradicated by the WHO in 1980.

FUN FACT: Our Sales Consultant, Clive Waters, is related to the Jenner family through marriage!
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