Everything you ever wanted to know about BlackEye™ and BlueEye™

Everything you ever wanted to know about BlackEye™ and BlueEye™

Omnimed invites you to a discovery call and live Q&A session with our National Sales Coordinator, Calum Holliday

Black Eye™ sterile single-use endoscopic permanent marker is one of the world's leading endoscopic markers, being used for over 10 years in 50 different countries! It partners perfectly with BlueEye™ submucosal tissue lifting agent, which offers more than 45 minutes of rigidity.

Our 1hr online session provides you with the opportunity to ask questions, educate yourself on these amazing products and understand the value they bring to your endoscopy procedures. We currently have a selection of frequently asked questions, please view our Black Eye™ FAQs and BlueEye™ FAQs, but we’re keen to hear from YOU about the questions you need answers to, so you can feel confident in using these two fantastic products!

As added bonus, if your question is added on our FAQs for these products, we will also send you and your team a free M&S Afternoon Tea as a thank you for your time. T&Cs apply.

If that isn't enough to tempt you, all participants will receive access to exclusive offers. Register your interest and submit your question for a chance to win an Afternoon Tea and we will email joining instructions to you.

We look forward to seeing you on the Q&A soon!

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