Customer Service Heroes

Customer Service Heroes

At 4pm on Thursday 6 July Omnimed’s Accounts Assistant, Hope James answered a phone call from Victoria Winter from Isle of Wight NHS Trust. This wasn’t an ordinary phone call; they didn’t know it yet but it was the start of an adventure in delivering exceptional customer service...

Victoria explained to Hope that she had an emergency and the hospital urgently needed a stock of biopsy valve caps. Being from the Isle of Wight with family currently living on the island, Hope was desperate to help.

As the order had been placed after 2pm, next day delivery via courier wasn’t possible. This meant that as the valve caps would not arrive in time and that this could impact the team and patient care over the weekend. Thankfully, quick thinking Hope realised that despite the courier being unable to deliver the goods by Friday, she was able to help save the day!

Like the rest of the Omnimed team, Hope is a huge fan of dogs and had arranged to dog sit for her parents over the weekend. Hope knew that her dad, John James, was taking the ferry from the Isle of Wight to Southampton that afternoon in order to drop his dog off and would be heading straight back to the island that afternoon, so she hatched a plan…

Hope called Victoria at St Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight and mentioned that her dad could bring the valve caps over, which they were very grateful for. Hope asked John if he was happy to exchange numbers with Victoria, so they could communicate with each other and find a meeting point for John to hand over the urgently needed valve caps.

John met Victoria by the boat in East Cowes on the island and once the stock was handed over, they both messaged Hope to confirm safe delivery. John even took a GDPR compliant picture of the parcel being delivered just like our couriers do.

I told my dad that he was helping his local (and only) hospital and so was I because that hospital was my local for 19 years of my life! Customer service is such a strong part of the culture at Omnimed and I’m thrilled that St Mary’s Hospital got to experience just how dedicated we are to taking care of our customers.

Hope James, Supply Chain Assistant

The next day we received an email from Victoria thanking Hope, John and Omnimed for making this emergency delivery possible. Victoria and her team were extremely grateful.

This stock being delivered meant that all operations could continue as planned over the weekend, which was great!

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