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Valve Kits for Olympus GI Endoscopes

Reusable valves can be a breeding ground for bacteria, risking cross-contamination and infections.

At Omnimed, we know that there are 28 steps required to reprocess reusable endoscope accessories. In 2015 alone, 350 patients were affected by Endoscope-related bacterial infections. Single-use disposable endoscope accessories offer zero steps for reprocessing which means zero chance of reprocessing error, drastically reducing the chance of infection and saving time on cleaning. For maximum patient safety, choose sterile, silicone-oil free, single-use products from Omnimed.

The latest BSG guidelines recommend the use of single-use endoscopic valves, which eliminates the task of tracking valves and pairing them with specific scopes and provides verified protection against HAIs.

For Olympus® 140/160/180/190/240/260/290 Series endoscopes

Big savings on big orders for a more efficient supply chain

For the best value, order the parts in our complete, 3-part or 2-part valve kits

Biospy values available individually