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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Current status (Lasted updated on 8th January 2021)

We remain open for business! Many of you will know that we have worked hard to keep things as close to "business as usual" as we can.

Our MD, Michael Morris stated, "I’m very proud of how the team at Omnimed have responded to COVID and am confident that we will be able to continue effectively supporting the NHS is protecting the nation’s health throughout 2020 and beyond."

Thanks for the hard work from the Omnimed team we continue to:

  • Working with the NHS Supply Chain ensuring continuity of supplies to keep the supply chain in place.
  • Working with technology and holding video meetings using Microsoft Teams and discovering a new way to work together which we also invite our customers to use with us, until we can visit you again.
  • Following government guidelines for reducing transmission risks, including social distancing and using anti-bacterial gels and wipes routinely.
  • Using segregated staff working practices; working remotely from homes and on-site for manual duties.
  • In constant communication with our suppliers ensuring our supply chain remains strong.
  • Requesting placement of routine orders where possible from our customers, to avoid potential bottlenecks in supply, once we overcome this pandemic and routine work practices return.
OFFICE: 01962 626364
EMERGENCY: 07766524358

Thank you for everything you do

Huge thanks to each and every one of our heroic NHS staff during this Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. You are going above and beyond to fight this. You can count on our support. Together we will get through this. We know we can’t visit you at present, but the day will come when we can. Until then keep up the great work and when we can see you again, we’ll bring cake!

Thank you